Husum Kindergarten

Nhabe Scholae x VNA
Area: 1200 m
Year: 2019
Status: Competition

Here is our proposal for the architectural competition of a kindergarten in Husum, Germany. In general, due to the exigence of energy the typology of pre-school in Gemany is represented in a very compact, centered building surrounded by a garden. However, the competition demanded a very ambitious program which allow to question this banal type of public building. The courtyard center typology is by far our favorite in term of visual interaction between the children of different ages. So came the low-rise form stressed out in the park in order to assert a limit around the courtyard playground. This was one of our first attempts to conceive architecture as a limit, the building is intentionally be separated from the city outside. The school, and the idea of education hence could be considered in term of creating a separated world with a flexible limit with the real. Education is to learn about the exterior world in order to be introduced into it. These world which was already existed for a long time and will outlive every generation. In order to learn about it, the school then mediates between theses two environment thus avoiding the collapse of these two. The spatial quality of the boundary will condition the transition from one to another.